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When it comes to finding your forever home, some choose to build rather than renovate.  Customizing your home with new construction has many benefits but it also can become overwhelming with the many design decisions you have to make.

Though these many choices can feel small they need to be well thought out. Many new home buyers wonder if they need a professional designer when building a custom home. Here are some of the advantages of working with an interior designer to get your home exactly how you envison it.

  1. When it comes to building a custom home, an interior designer will work with the home builder to select a floor plan and home layout. An interior designer can help you choose the finishes, furniture, and other design elements that will ultimately make your house feel like a home.
  2. Interior designers will help you to ensure that what you’re choosing matches your style and will give your home a cohesive look.
  3. A designer will take on the task of designing your home’s interior and functionality, helping you make the best choices based on your tastes and lifestyle.
  4. The advice and guidance of a professional designer can help you to save on materials, and avoid costly design mistakes you may make otherwise. Interior designers know where it makes sense to splurge and where it’s truly worth it to spend a bit extra.
  5. An interior designer can save you from major design mistakes. Having a professional perspective can help you to make wise decisions every step of the way as you’re choosing your interior elements, which will help you to avoid design disasters and result in a coherent design that you love.
  6. A professional interior designer can help you to choose confidently, taking some of the worry out of the design process and relieving a lot of the stress that can come along with  building and decorating a new home.



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Our new home construction design services include:

  • Blueprint review
  • Space planning
  • Exterior finishes
  • Kitchen and bath specification: cabinetry design and finishes, hardware, counters, tile, appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • Architectural design for walls, ceilings and trim
  • Paint selection
  • Floor coverings specification: hardwoods, laminate, carpeting or tile
  • Wall Tile selection, layout, procurement
  • Lighting specification and procurement
  • Design, specification and procurement of custom window treatments, including motorized options
  • Installation of window treatments
  • Furniture specification and procurement
  • Accessories selection and procurement: art, accents, area rugs and more
  • Delivery and placement of furnishings
  • Project supervision in partnership with you and your contractor
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Let's work together.

Our new home construction design service involves many steps and careful attention to all the details  that require good communication, management skills and careful attention to detail. We will guide you through every decision needed to transform tracing paper sketches into a home that will bring you a sense of joy and well-being every day.


Our design fee is based on the level of service you require and will be determined after the initial consultation.


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