Home Decorating 

  • Selection of new furnishings
  • Selection of room accessories
  • Selection of window treatments
  • Recommendations for wall coverings
  • Selection of a new area rug
  • Recommendations for lighting
  • Repurposing existing furniture

  • Home redesign or new build budgeting
  • Space planning
  • Selecting new home build options and upgrades
  • Product research and recommendation
  • Recommendations for tile, backsplash, and flooring
  • Selecting interior and exterior paint colors
  • Furnishing a patio, porch or deck

Let us help you reimagine your space.


Let our Design Team work with you, one-on-one, to bring out the best in your home.

When you work with Webster Interiors, we know the impact that our value-added design has on you and your family. Your house is more than just a place you live in. Let us turn it into a warm and cozy environment you love.

The same is true for home offices. Your home office space deserves more than just a desk and a chair. Our expert interior designer will create a work space that is a comfortable and inviting place to spend time to get your work done efficiently and productively.

A well-designed space impacts your mood, your happiness and puts you in a better state of mind. Work or play, your space is important for you.

Let our interior designer work with you, one-on-one, to bring out the best in your home or office.

Our designers keep current with all the trends, as well as all the classic design elements to make your project look stunning.


This design level is best for clients who just need help defining their paint palette, a general room layout, and general design advice. Our initial on-site consultation is approximately 60 minutes of a tour of your home to discuss the needs and goals for each room. Expect general recommendations for each area as we walk through your home. During the tour, we will identify the areas of your home you want to address first — your priority areas. We discuss formulating a plan for improving these areas. At this time you are invited to share inspiration photos you have that influence the design direction for these priority areas. We recommend making a list of questions and/or areas of concern to have ready for our meeting to help make efficient use of our time together. Some of the points typically covered during the consultation:

  • Paint color palette discussion
  • Window treatment ideas
  • Lighting ideas
  • Ideas for furniture layout
  • Styling tips

This initial consultation does not include any physical design work. All recommendations happen on-site, however, you can request to have more detailed notes and a complete summary sent to you at an additional cost. (See Gold Service) • Ideas for new furniture, art, accessories • Help defining a comfortable and realistic budget.


Everything that the silver consult offers, but documented to start the "design road map" that most clients need before investing in their project(s). A second in-studio meeting is included to review what has been suggested/documented.

This overview will outline a complete summary of work, the number of design hours needed and how we can efficiently and successfully complete your project. If you have additional questions, we will be happy to describe the design process in more detail during our initial meeting. Additional hours will be billed at our customary rate of $95 to $115 within Monroe County and additional fees may apply outside of Monroe County. These fees, such as travel time, tolls, etc., will be discussed upon acceptance of a project.





Choosing the right color palette for your home can be overwhelming. With thousands of paint colors out there, which one is right for you? Color is the design element that has the most impact on your senses. It “colors” the way you feel and it changes depending on the quality of the light in a space. Have you ever chosen a paint color at the store, brought it home, and it looked completely different on the walls?

  • On-site color consult
  • Review client design objectives
  • Provide a cohesive color palette
  • Provide larger color sample sheets
  • Suggest painters (if needed)

Upon reviewing the current finishes, furnishings, and lighting in your home, we can find the color that will work best. Painting is typically an expensive investment. By getting your color right the first time with a Color Consultation, you won’t have wasted any time or money with costly mistakes!  Our experience with a variety of paint manufacturers and the actual use of 100’s of different colors allows us to use our experience to select the right color for your project(s).

This is an interactive process that begins with many questions. We’ll work together to select wall, trim and ceiling paint colors that fit with your overall design goals. It’s best to do color work in the home, where flooring, counter, tile and lighting can be taken into account. Fabrics from furniture, bedding, pillows, and rugs are very helpful. Even pictures can be useful as well!

If you are selling your home, we can advise you on what’s popular right now and what buyers are looking for. If you plan on staying in your home for a while, we can help you pull together a palette based on what you love and making it feel current.

We can look at your current color palette and find ways to make everything flow together that will bring balance and continuity to your space.

During your consultation, we’ll offer tips about design dos and don’ts. Our goal is to give clients a clear vision of how your project will pull together to meet your design objectives.

Our Paint Color Consultations are your solution. We bring the color samples straight to you. We also explain why the color will work and can provide large samples for you to place on the wall for viewing at different times of the day and night before you ever pick up a brush.

If you are ready to schedule your Paint Color Consultation or have any questions regarding our services, please contact us to schedule an appointment



Window Treatment measure appointment:  $75 -  This fee for measuring Hunter Douglas window shades and blinds is reimbursable once the client proceeds with a Hunter Douglas order. Webster Interiors never charges for the installation of Hunter Douglas products.

*Additional fees may apply for windows requiring more than an eight-foot ladder

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Virtual Design At Home

Bring your design vision to life with Webster Interiors complimentary Virtual Design at Home service, a 30-minute creative collaborative and unparalleled design process from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you're creating an entire room, selecting details for that perfect finishing touch, need a designer to do it all, or just need a second opinion, our experienced interior designer are here to guide you. We'll help you select colors and fabrics, pick paint colors, layout your space, or arrange decor.

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