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While we believe in supporting our local charities and organizations, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all the requests we receive. Instead of turning requests down, we developed a program that can contribute a portion of our profits to your organization at no cost to the customer


Webster Interiors has launched a donation program for non-profit organizations. Your organization may receive a donation from a customer purchase at Webster Interiors. Once your organization registers and is approved, anytime a customer makes a purchase at Webster Interiors and credits your organization, your organization will receive a varying donation up to $150 per transaction. And don’t worry, the customer does not pay anything additional. For example; if two different individuals walked into our store and each purchased a Sofa for $900; buyer one would pay $900 plus tax. Buyer two informs us they are part of XYZ charitable organization; they too pay $900 plus tax; however, with buyer two's transaction, your charitable organization will receive a donation based on the category of the item purchased up to $150*.


Why are we launching this program? It accomplishes two things; 1) personally my family has always been active in the community and not for profit activities (including secret Santa, Thanksgiving Dinners, Kiwanis Club, etc); 2 ) we spend money on advertising. Instead of spending money on signs, ads in the newspaper, etc, why not spend some of those dollars to benefit a local charitable organization!


OK, so who and what is Webster Interiors? We are a local furniture & home décor store with a 4,500 sq ft store on Ebner Drive in Webster (across from the Webster Fireman’s Field and behind AutoZone). We have been in business for over 10 years and our Ebner Drive showroom has been open for 5 years. We sell quality window treatments, furnishings & home décor at very competitive prices (prices that are guaranteed to be the best in Rochester on/off the web).


Additional details available at the store; but remember, there is no cost to the customer. If you are interested in learning how your charitable organization can receive donations through this program, please contact us at the store (Monday-Saturday 10-5, Thursday until 7) for more information and a simple enrollment form. We look forward to working with your organization.



Webster Interiors
975 Ebner Drive, Webster NY
(585) 545-4503

* applies to new purchases, with the organization indicated at the time of purchase, prior sales & SuperSale items excluded

Donation Schedule per Furniture item purchased

Sectional $150

Sofa $ 75

Chair $ 50

Ottoman $ 25

Dining room table $125

Dining chairs $  25

Bedroom bed $ 75

Bedroom dresser $100 

Night stands $ 25

Desk $ 50

Bookcase $ 50

Organization Referral( Donation ) Program Application



Organization or Group

Organization Address

Contact Address

Contact Email*

Contact Phone*

Organization Phone

Terms of program:
Program is available to groups or organizations that raise funds for their organization. Webster Interiors reserves the right to decline participation to any organization. Webster Interiors reserves the right to change the program terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Payments to participating organizations are made in January and June unless prior arrangements have been made in writing between Webster Interiors & the participating organization.