Light – Let There Be Light (In Your Bedroom)

Little or No Light in Your Bedroom?

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year; then the light slowly starts returning to the northern hemisphere. But that still means we have many months of the year when our bedrooms get very little or no light in the mornings when we get up, and it is dark long before we go to sleep. If you’re someone who gets blue without enough light in your life, try brightening up your bedroom by making it feel like summer!

Ways to Brighten Your Room

  • Think summer. Light colors, bright fabrics. Take down dark, heavy drapes and let the windows bring in as much light as possible during the day.
  • When evening approaches, pull down the blinds and close the sheer curtains.  It will look delightful in the glow of your warm bedroom lighting.
  • Use soft white or pink tinted bulbs in lamps, or the full spectrum bulbs that replicate natural sun light. They can make a huge difference in how you feel.
  • Position a large mirror on a wall across from the window. The mirror will reflect sunlight and bounce it around the room.
  • Hanging crystals in your windows is another way to bounce light around the room at certain times of the day. This will be like having rainbows all around you!
  • Make your bedroom feel lighter simply by eliminating or moving your furniture to have more open space available.
  • Use colors for your bedding that compliment the summer scheme, such as celadon, aquamarine, a hint of orange and yellow, or nautical navy blue and white stripes.
  • A floral pattern or green rug on the floor will evoke summertime
    thoughts, as will adding some floral plants, greenery, or vases of flowers. A large tropical plant with palm leaves gives an instant feeling of warmth!
  • If you have a fire place in your bedroom, try decorating the mantle with shells or framed photos taken in the summer. A painting or photo above the mantle of the beach. A boat on water Or even lush foliage can add to the effect.

Try a few of these suggestions to brighten your bedroom and give yourself a taste of summer, even during the dark days of winter!

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