Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

No where else in your home can you mix and match a variety of paint schemes along with creative stencils, stickers, sparkles and get away with it, like in a kid’s room. Your kids can be involved in transforming their room into their own accomplishments while redecorating at the same time. And best of all, you get to spend time with your kids!

Creative Ideas on Decorating Kids’ Bedrooms


Make a whole play area from an ordinary bookcase. Choose bright colors that match your child’s style and add features such as cutout doors for a doll house or castle effect. Add texture materials to one or two compartments that create a window or door like features. When your child has out grown the design, you can easily remove the materials and doors and replace them with the original materials that you saved.


Turn your kid’s walls into a big canvas. Paint is the perfect solution and least expensive way to create a kaleidoscope impact while offering unlimited color options. Just changing one wall or adding stripes, borders, sponge or stamping techniques can bring new life to an ordinary room. Use wavy or splat design patterns, or turn one wall into a mural effect. Choose a bright base and pick accent colors to achieve the best results.


Create a magical night sky on your child’s ceiling with glow in the dark decorations. These can be fun and even comforting for your child to be able to lie in bed and gaze up at the night stars.  If you are afraid to paint the ceiling, perhaps there is a night light option (as shown to the right) that can suit your needs.


Use wooden letters that spell your child’s name and glue them on the door. Painting them in the theme color of your child’s room will dress up the door nicely. Wiggly handles or your kid’s favorite cartoon character can replace the closet door hardware. By matching the door hardware with wall plates you can carry the pattern through out the room that accents their style.


Using shelving materials can be the least expensive way to pick up the clutter and organize a room. Painting with the same colors or add design features with stencil or stamping can quickly dress up any room. Different shelf designs bordering a window eliminate the need for expensive window treatments.


Large cork boards can quickly turn a bare wall into a busy space. Cork boards also eliminate holes in walls from nails or tacks that later need to be repaired. Room accents can be as simple as a painted wooden picture frame. Fan blades can be reversed and painted with designs to add cool effects when in use and then can be reversed when it comes time to redecorate.


“Check out this game board wall that I created at Webster Interiors. This easy, low cost idea was not only fun, but added a needed pop of color to a boring room”

Decorating your kid’s bedroom is a great way to give them a place they can call their own and you may just find your kid spending more time there.

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