How to Choose the Right Sofa That Will Last

A living room sofa is likely to out live a lot of things- from the family car and microwave to the kids’ trendy hair styles. Most people keep a sofa six to fifteen years before buying something new. In a recent survey by Furniture/Today, more than half of consumers in the market for a new sofa were replacing one that was ten years old or more.

Tips for how to choose your next sofa

It is important to pay careful attention to the quality elements that give a piece its lasting power.

  • Find out about the warranty. Note what is included and for how the company guaranties the product. See in store what warranties our providers give!  The duration of this warranty reflects the collections quality craftsmanship.
  • There are a number of high end standards that mean more than good looks.
    Cushions can be firm, or softer depending upon your taste. It can be a great indicator of quality and comfort. Soft padded outside arms and back also add to the over all comfort of the piece.

    • Mainstream furniture manufactures bring the fashion forward looks that consumers see in the magazines into retail floors, such as Webster Interiors at affordable prices.

What to look for if you want your sofa to look great for years to come

  • Deep decking (which is the fabric under the seat cushions) to ensure that only the sofa’s primary fabric is revealed when sitting. six inches is ideal.
  • Welting ( the cord covered with fabric that is sewn along the seams of the upholstered frame and cushions) that is straight and free of puckers.
  • If it has a skirt, that it hangs smoothly with crisp corners.
  • Fabric patterns are matched seat to cushion to back to frame.

The more your sofa speaks to your personal style, the more it will stand the test of time

Start with a classically designed frame and add personal flair with custom choices.

Start designing your own sofa now with UDESIGN!

With the wide array of fabrics, leather, and accents you can create your one of a kind design.
Finally, buy products with brand names you know and trust. Also buy from a reputable furniture dealer, one that has been recommended by family, friends or colleagues.

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