Materials for Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Webster Interiors will help you find the right Kitchen Backsplash Design for your home! Kitchen backsplash designs can accent your kitchen and be both functional as well as beautiful. The most popular types of kitchen backsplashes are ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as easy to clean stainless steel.  Other kitchen backsplash designs utilize natural stone, glass or metal…

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Leather Home Furnishings – How to Clean and Care for Them

Palliser Hammond reclining chair

Everyone loves Leather Home furnishings and accessories;  they can add elegance, style and drama to your home decor. Nothing says masculine, classic and American, like excellent quality leather goods. However, leather furnishings and accessories can be an expensive investment. Learning how to properly clean and care for these items is critical to their longevity and…

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Things To Consider When Designing A Home Office

You did it, you took the plunge and decided to work from home. After the initial joy of answering emails and phone calls in your pajamas wears off you are going to need to consider your working environment seriously. Too many people think that they can effectively handle phone calls from the kitchen table. Or…

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